How To Play

Please note: This is a multiplayer-only game. You can run it on a local server or play on an online server.

You can make your own arenas now. Use: The Arena Editor. Arenas are distributed as mods. Once you have made arenas, contact me to include them on my server and maybe in the main Blockbomber game release.


Move with your arrow keys.

Place a bomb with your sneak key (Set to shift by default on PC).

Throw a bomb that you are standing in with space (if you have “spring”).

Punch a bomb with the Left Mouse Button (if you have “fist”).


The goal is to be the last player standing. Accomplish this by collecting the good powerups to increase your abilities, avoiding the bad ones, placing bombs strategically at the right place at the right time, and not falling.

Warning: Falling is based on center, not on hitbox. Watch out!

You can move through other players, but you cannot move through bombs.



  • More Bombs Bomb: the more bombs you have, the more you can place at once!
  • More Power Tnt: The more of these you have, the larger your bombs’ blasts will be!
  • ShoesShoes: You start out a bit slow. Get shoes to get faster, but take care you dont get too fast and fall off!
  • Spring Spring: allows you to throw bombs that you have just placed or are standing in with the jump key.
  • Fist Fist: Allows you to punch bombs that you are standing next to (but not in).
  • Multidir Compass: Makes your explosions go in diagonal directions as well as orthagonal.
  • Extra Life Heart: Gives you one extra life, against bomb blasts only! One at a time!
  • Pheonix Pheonix: Ressurects any players who have died already.


Note: All bad powerups are temporary and can be removed by getting another powerup or waiting for them to expire.
  • Weird Control Confused Frog: Switches your direction when you try to move.
  • Snail Snail: Makes you super slow.
  • Superfast Coffee: Makes you too fast.
  • No Place Bomb No Bombs: You cant place bombs til its gone!
  • Party Party: Bomb fest!

Floor Blocks:

  • Floor Floor: a regular block you can stand on.
  • Ice Ice: a block where it is hard to change velocity.
  • Arrow Arrow: Pushes bombs in that direction.
  • Mortar Mortar: throws bombs to a random location on the board.
  • Air: You can fall thru holes if you’re not careful!

Wall blocks

  • Crate Crate: always drops an item when blasted
  • Brick Brick: is removable with a blast; has a chance to drop an item
  • Wall Wall: can never be broken; an imovable wall